CERT 18 / 85 MINS / USA

In association with Eyes Wide Open Cinema
+ introduction from Jacob Engelberg
This month we are collaborating once again with our friends at Brighton-based LGBT+ strand, Eyes Wide Open Cinema. This time we will be dragging you kicking and screaming into the hyper visual and totally wild world of teenage bisexuality with Gregg Araki's Nowhere, part of the director's Teenage Apocolypse Trilogy.

The cast list reads like a who's who of '90s favourites: Heather Graham, James Duvall, Ryan Phillipe, Shannen Doherty, Christina Applegate, Mena Suvari, Traci Lords, Denise Richards. Join them, and us, as we scour L.A. for the coolest party of the night, making out with anyone we meet along the way.

'Every lurid, tacky, overheated fantasy you've ever had of depraved Hollywood Youth careening down the fast lane into the Millenium is splattered comically across the screen in Nowhere'
- The New York Times


88 London Road